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Alex Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic Services

 Our bodies can't always keep up with the high demands of sports or long hours seated in an office or a vehicle. Injuries due to repetitive strain, pushing the limits, or posture imbalances are more likely to happen, and this is Alex ST and Rehab steps in!


Our goal is to get you back on track, pain free, more flexible, stronger, and with enough knowledge to prevent future injuries by yourself! Take control of your body right now! Book with us and let us help you release your full potential.


Free Initial Consultation

Only for Fighter Center's Instructors and Professional Team

This service includes 15 minutes for any doubt or question you may have with your current condition, and we will talk about the best outcomes to treat it. This service will be done by a phone call or videocall.

Treatment for New Clients

Only for New Clients

This service includes treatments such as:

  • Sports Massage

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation

  • Mobilisations, Myofascial release, Trigger Points Therapy, and more.

  • Pre and Post events massage 

We will have a short talk to discuss your condition and start the treatment right after.


Follow Up Treatment

For Follow Up Clients

Is not your first time with me? Is it a follow up appointment? Then this is your choice! We will talk about the best treatments for you when you arrive to the clinic and we will start right away!

AST Clients Say

"After just two sessions with Alex, I noticed significant improvement in my shoulder pain. With the exercises I was given alongside the main treatment, Alex made sure that I would be setup for long term relief.  I would recommend Alex to anyone who is experiencing chronic pain, particularly if they feel they have reached a dead end."

🇬🇧 Tom

One of the greatest part of my job is to help people recover and get them back to enjoy their lives to the fullest

Book an Appointment

Regardless of your condition, you can get recovered with the right treatment. Take action to improve your health.

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