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The answers to the questions we get the most about our services

Is Sports Massage or Sports Therapy for me?

Yes of course! If you are in pain, it does not matter if it happened while working, playing sports or just being seated for endless hours. You can get all the benefits from Sports Massage, Therapy, and Rehabilitation.

How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Call to the phone number 07517 165070 if you have to cancel or reschedule the appointment. Please bare in mind that full fees will be charged if you cancel the appointment without a good justification with less than 24 hours notice. 

Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

No you do not! Our therapist are fully prepare and qualified to assess and treat without any referrals.

How will I feel after a massage?

After each treatment you will feel a big improvement. Over the next 24/48hrs after your treatment your body may feel some slight discomfort as your therapist may have made some physiological changes during your treatment. Drink plenty water and keep yourself hydrated to speed the recovery process.

What should I wear to my appointment?

It is best to wear comfortable, loose-fitted clothing to your treatment. It’s best not to wear anything tight-fitted as when you put your clothing back on, there may still be some residual massage oil on your skin which could transfer onto your clothing and make you uncomfortable after your treatment. Another way to prepare for a massage is to tie up your hair or put it into a bun out of the way. This will stop your hair from going oily and won’t get in the therapist’s way

Can I train while being injured?

Yes! You may not be able to train at your 100% but there is definitely room to keep training. I collaborate with personal trainer and nutritional advisor Hannes Heidarsson to get the best results from a training program with a personalised rehabilitation program, so that you can address your weak link in your body, get stronger and reduce the risk of injury.

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